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Rangers v Motherwell 24/9/23 - Match Thread


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9 minutes ago, thelangloyal said:

That is the problem Jack, WHO ?

I know Potter was mentioned but IMO we need someone who knows a bit about our club.

It might be a bit controversial but I would take McInnes just now.

People have said he "Knocked us back" before but did he ? No one knows why he didn't take the job(If he was even offered it).

McInnes was a serial failure at Aberdeen but in a one horse race for about 5 years.  There is every chance with money to spend and better players that he'd do better and he might just be 'the right fit' for us and bring back the winning mentality.  You usually find players that played under great managers make the best managers - McInnes played for us under Smith and Advocaat - it doesn't get much better.  I reckon he'd do OK.  The other question is can we do better than him?

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The problem with McInnes (and other SPFL managers) is they make their name being hard to beat. As pointed out even with Rangers out the league McInnes couldn’t lay a glove on Celtic as Aberdeen manager.

Rangers problem isn’t defensive, in my opinion, it’s our attack. We’ve lost twice this season in the league and both were 1-0 and those are the only 2 goals we’ve conceded. Therefore we are in need of a manager who knows how to get us playing attacking football. Beale promised to play “with the handbrake off” but we’ve been the polar opposite. 

When they had Ange they went all out attack knowing they might concede goals but safe in the mind they would score goals and more often that not out score opponents. 

Perhaps a bit cliche but at Rangers you can concede a goal or even two and still win but you can’t win if you fail to score. 

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