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Rangers v Celtic Match Thread (12 noon ko)

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I'm actually raging at that. Fully raging.

A defensive lapse costs us a floofy goal. We needed better. We didn't get better.

That said, if the first goal wasn't chopped off, it's a totally different game. 

They say the refs are corrupt in our favour? Aye. Just look at that.

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Absolutely disgusting performance today. Beale needs to go , and take a lot of those players with him! 

Tav, Goldson, Souttar, Barisic, Sterling, Yilmaz, Jack, Dessers, Matondo, Sima, Danilo .... Take everyone except Butland, Raskin, Cantwell 

Every game, play is just so slow and laboured. Why play so many passes backwards? 

Counter attacks are non existent! Shots from outside the box? 

Don't know what has happened with Raskin either, he was different class last season when linking up with Cantwell. He's been anonymous this season so far! 


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No idea how we've lost that. 

Aside from generally not making enough passes or controlling the game we created so many chances, got in behind them a lot and could easily have scored six or seven.  

The VAR decision should see Robertson demoted and if it doesn't spark a reaction from the club, battering down the head of refereeing's door tomorrow I don't know what will. Long overdue that we put pressure on them the way that lot do.

And lastly, the defence needs ripped up and started again including the captain - enough is enough with these failures making mistakes in huge games. Every great Rangers team has been built on a solid defence. 

I have supported Beale as much as anyone but as it goes on it looks like he isn't the motivator and man manager we need.  These players are not performing to their top level.  Something has to change.

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Embarrassing. Beale’s time is up.

Unbelievable that he signed all these players and only starts one, then we have Cantwell prancing about the pitch doing absolutely nothing, Raskin a waste of space, Jack is so far past it I reckon even I could give him a decent race over 20 yards. 

Jack Butland deserves better.

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11 hours ago, DazzM said:

Basically you can't put pressure on a guy to force an error. Utterly ridiculous decision.

Timmy piling in to post Bobby Maddens Instagram story 'explanation' after years of targeting him for abuse just proves irony is completely lost on them. 

And one thing I've learned from a close colleague who is also a high profile FIFA referee is that they will stick together and back each other up unless it's a glaring mistake. Don Robertson and Madden both rangers fans btw. 

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