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Manager & New Players - Good Enough?

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From reading comments on the players that have come in it seems like there is still a bit of question over whether they are good enough.  There have been glimpses of top quality but too many games they looked completely lost.  The OF may be a revealing game for us.

Butland - potentially an upgrade on McGregor in his all round play if not shot stopping.
Balogun - ageing and there's an argument he should be starting over Souttar
Cifuentes - clearly not used to the pace or physicality of the CL level yet. 
Dowell - not a standout, again has shown glimpses he can be a good player for us
Lammers - same
Dessers - 

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not sure why half that post disappeared...


Dessers - some moments of absolute quality like his pass for the Matondo, some games have passed him by and some bad mistakes
Danilo - hasn't really had a good run but looks good - needs to be playing alongside Dessers IMO
Sima - great strike vs PSV but as with the rest has been unconvincing at times
Sterling - also needs game time which will help Tav transition out the side over time

Beale - they say teams are a mirror of their leader. Beale talks a good game and might be a good tactician but I think he lacks the gravitas Gerrard had and his man management skills will be tested. It's a shame there is nobody like Walter around to guide him.  If he doesn't win on Sunday he's under massive pressure and if we don't win at least the league and 1 trophy he'll be gone by the summer I reckon.

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I wonder if now we’ve had that ‘busy’ period we’ll begin to see a more settled team in the coming weeks after the break.

I don’t think we can write off any of the players so far, taking CL out of the equation I think the squad is more than good enough to win the league. 

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I’m not sure yet but from the signs I’ve seen so far this squad has regressed from last season.

we spent money on Players like Dessers and Danilo yet would we have been any worse off if we had kept Colak and Sakala?   They had at “east settled at the club and weren’t players who needed to be replaced yet we sold both of them. Beale argues some players had to come in as players had left and were out of contract like Kent and Morelos.   

im sure Scott Wright offers as much as Sima from what I’ve seen so far too.



im also not sure either if the new signings are that bad or it’s just the tactics and formation Beale is deploying 

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If he wasn’t feeling it before the weekend then he will be now. Beale knew, and regularly speaks of, the pressures and expectations as Rangers manager. 

He was given the benefit of the doubt last season that he was limping to the finish line with a squad needing an overhaul. The worrying signs were the inability to lay a glove in Celtic in the key league and cup games. 

He can be under no illusion that first game after the break needs to be a result and performance to get fans back on side.


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Think the writing is on the wall for Beale sadly. Being booed off the pitch after a win tells its own story. 

I just don’t know how he has got it so wrong. The man praised as the brains behind Steven Gerrard and part of the coaching side which had us playing quick and slick football. 

He came back and talked a great game. Told fans what they wanted to hear and then delivered the opposite. He spoke about playing with the handbrake off yet we’ve just scraped by Motherwell at home playing the final minutes with our backs against the ball trying to waste time and defend for our lives. 

The fans have turned and I just don’t see Beale being able to turn that around. 

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He may have the tactical brain (unproven IMO) but I think he seems to lack the man management, motivational skill to give the players the confidence to deliver.  We are a repetition of the Warburton/Pedro/early Gerrard teams.   We've spent money but not on the right stuff.  I think the only way out of this is going to be a proper 'Man Utd 1990s' revolution where we buy a spine of top drawer quality players and build around them with the talented youth from the academy,  or failing that oil money and massive external investment (i'd be happy with the latter even if it wasn't "rangers men" in charge). 

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