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St Mirren v Rangers Match Thread - 8/10/23 12 noon

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  • JackSparrow changed the title to St Mirren v Rangers Match Thread - 8/10/23 12 noon

Message delivered to Dessers and Lammers - Zak Lovelace starts.   Midfield is the concern - Cifuentes has never been up to speed. Raskin miles off it.  Lundstram totally inconsistent.   No reason we can't win but if we lose the first goal we'll just go into our shells again.

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Groundhog Day once more. Need a reaction after that last s***show of a performance.

Hope Lovelace grabs this opportunity with both hands. 

Would love to have seen wholesale changes but accept Davis isn’t going to be the man to do that when he’ll be back to being in the player ranks or perhaps a coach in the next week or so. 

Don’t feel confident whatsoever but perhaps that’s better than expecting a result when it comes to Rangers just now. Can see it going one of two ways today. We  either burst into life and put in an overdue performance or we will crumble to a third straight defeat. 

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